Parking Places & Editorials

Parking places, that’s the topic of my recent editorial on SSC. A simple topic, but one that most of us get (after you read the editorial!) and one that transcends technology, maybe one that reminds us that we all metaphorically put on our pants one leg at a time.

I’ve tended to measure success by the number of comments, and this one did well. It would be easy to write things that inflame or excite (ala talk radio), but I think it’s more fun and more challenging to look through life for the things that unite us in some way. It’s not the only way to write an editorial of course, editorials can also teach, divide, and more.

I try to remember that number of comments doesn’t indicate success. I could write the same thing and not encourage comments, not ask a closing question, and I’d get fewer, but they would still have read it. It makes me appreciate the power of having a vehicle from which to deliver a message.

Back to parking though – get out of my parking spot!