SSC Editorial: First Episodes

First Episodes was published last week and by design was a less than serious topic with hopefully broad appeal. I like that SSC runs some non-technical, not-serious editorials sometimes. It’s a way for everyone to remember, or appreciate perhaps, that we often share common interests and attributes outside of work, and that those external influences […]

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SSC Editorial: Kitchen Culture

I continue to be a student and observer of culture at work, it’s always interesting to see a unique twist of an idea, or to see how various groups within a company have their own sub-culture. Often it’s about seeing an idea and amplifying it, something I thought about when I read an Inc Magazine […]

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SSC Editorial: Titles Matter

Few things have more impact on our career than job titles. The job titles we’ve held tell future employers a lot about us, and job titles on positions we’re considering are the first visual filter we apply. Titles are the most abbreviated way there is of saying “I do this” or “I want do that”. […]

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SSC Editorial: Access Disdain

Contrary to the title (by design), Access Disdain is about not automatically hating Access (or it’s users). Clearly Access has limitations, but so do most apps that we give to “average” users and the more industrious ones build stuff because that’s the tool they have (when all you have is a hammer….). I’ve never minded […]

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