SSC Editorial: We Want Maturity, But Is It Fun?

I wrote We Want Maturity, But Is It Fun? for SQLServerCentral to begin sorting out my own thoughts about when and why I see work as fun. I’m a problem solver at heart, so a good day (and a good job) is one that gives me interesting problems to solve. I  enjoy the process of identifying/setting goals and removing roadblocks so others can solve interesting problems too. I tend to thrive on chaos even as I see the need to manage and moderate the chaos. Three sentences that barely scratch the things I think about as making work fun.

I need to write more about how we’re turning IT into a factory. There is good and bad to that. I also think that jobs might be described based on the level of mundaneness, something about the ratio of new/different work to the keep the lights on work that is always required. I wonder if that wouldn’t be a very interesting way to assess candidates and jobs.