It’s easy to get so busy with life you forget to dream, at least for me. Most of us have dreams, ranging from winning the lottery to having kids to the vacation to Tahiti. Some dreams are practical, such as paying off your mortgage. Some are less practical or even unlikely.

Fulfilling dreams requires a plan, or luck. Or both!

Some dreams take some time to shape though. For the past few years I’ve been dreaming of a founding a non-profit. I don’t know what it will be yet, I’m still in search of the intersection between a problem that needs solving and one that I want to solve. How do you plan when you don’t have a firm vision of the final goal?

My answer has been to work on acquiring skills and experience that will help me when I do see the goal clearly. What happens if the goal never gels? At worst I’ll have spent time learning and growing in ways that I know will help me (and already have). What skills might I need? Fund raising, working with volunteers, learning how a board of directors works, networking, all of those should come in handy. I won’t say I’ve mastered those, but I’ve made progress.

It’s ok to dream without a plan. At some point the dream will call to you so loudly that you’ll build a plan, or maybe it’s enough to just have the dream.