Why Am I Amazed By a 2000 Page Word Doc?

It’s not uncommon to have information shared in a Word doc, but I was surprised recently to open one up and glance down to see the page counter clicking away..100…200..all the way up to 2000. I’m not sure what the maximum is (or if there is a limit), but 2000 pages just seems like a lot.

I laugh at myself a bit because I don’t really raise an eyebrow over a millions rows in an Excel sheet, or a lot more than that in a real table. I laughed some more thinking about printing it. That’s two reams of paper if you go green and print on both sides!

Was it usable? Not really. If you knew what you were looking for easy enough to search. I needed to aggregate some info from it, and that just isn’t in the tricks I know how to do with Word. It did look impressive though, in size and presentation.