My Recipe for Chocolate Pie

One of our small holiday traditions is that we bake at least one home made dessert. Hard to beat the price on buying things like pumpkin pie at the store, so we try to make something that is fun, different, or hard to find. Or perhaps all three. This year the big request from my […]

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Book Review: Sixkill

Sixkill is the 39th Spencer novel, and the last that was written by Robert Parker before his death. The plot isn’t bad, repugnant movie star accused of crime and everyone thinks he is guilty, so local cop Quirk asks Spencer to check into it, doesn’t want anyone railroaded into prison. The case has the usual […]

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Quiet Wednesday

For me the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was a quiet day at work. It was one of those ‘everyone is leaving early’ days, with many opting to work the half day or so remote instead of coming in to the office. I could feel (and see) the pull of the pending break on the teams I […]

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