Quiet Wednesday

For me the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was a quiet day at work. It was one of those ‘everyone is leaving early’ days, with many opting to work the half day or so remote instead of coming in to the office. I could feel (and see) the pull of the pending break on the teams I work with on Monday, so on Tuesday I cancelled the few meetings I had set for Wednesday, leaving me with the unusual luxury of uninterrupted time and letting everyone else have the same.

I’d almost forgotten how nice it is to just sit and work on tasks without going to meetings and taking calls and trying to keep up with all the follow ups that kind of stuff generates. I had a couple things to work on that needed continuous effort so I got those done, and then spent some time just getting ready for the following week. I enjoyed the day, glad I worked instead of not, but also realized that doing so caused more than a few to arrive Monday morning to an inbox with a few extra emails (and tasks) from yours truly. Made me think that probably they wished I had taken the day off as well!

Even though I worked, I was still able to call it a day at 1 pm. It was nice to go home in that extra relaxed mode that clearing the decks brings.