I Learned Something From You

I learned something from you – that was something someone said to me at the end of a recent consulting engagement. I wasn’t teaching, just doing, so that it made it all the more interesting to hear. Part compliment, part acknowledgement, maybe even part surprise, regardless, it was a very nice thing to be told.

It’s easy to forget that we all shape each other in the work place by the things we do and the things we don’t do and how we do (or don’t) do them. I’ve long been a believer in observing and ‘borrowing’ as I see behaviors or ideas that I think are effective. I’m sure that I don’t say “I learned something from you” as often as I should and I want to work on that. Sometimes we know when we do something well, but often we don’t – we’ve figured out a way that works for us as we try to get through the day/week/year and we go with it. It’s often not until someone talks to us about the way we do it that we take a fresh look and maybe re-value ourselves in the process.

Something to think about.