Good Seeing

I just finished reading The Perfect Machine about the construction of the Hale Telescope at Mount Palomar (here is a pretty good picture). Fascinating story with regard to both the people involved and the engineering. It took 21 years from getting the funds to when the first images were captured. Lots of interesting pieces; the struggle […]

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Benefits for Veterans

Wanted to share a few things I came across recently with regards to benefits for veterans: You can get a printed VA card now by signing up via ( also comes in handy for things like qualifying for incentives from car manufacturers). The card does not have your social security  number on it, so it’s […]

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We’ve haven’t had a good solution for managing money for SQLSaturday and our groups here in Orlando. In the early days I’d put the money in my business account, keep the receipts, figure out what was left to accrue for the next year, and let the accountant do the rest. It worked, but it was […]

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Murder Data

The Murder Accountability Project is worth a look. It’s a reminder that gathering good data is hard, but once you have the data you can do interesting things – like identify serial killings. The site says 220,000 unsolved homicides in the US since 1980. A big number, but not big data – doesn’t always take […]

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