Moving SQLAndy to Project Nami

I’ve been hosting this blog on Azure for a while, running WordPress on top of MySQL. Works fine, gives me a reason to use Azure here and there to gain experience. No good reason to change. Still, why not?

Last night I loaded Project Nami, a port of WordPress that runs on SQL Azure. The install is just beautiful, a deployment from Git, which you don’t have to know. Just click the wizard and it creates all.

I exported my content from the existing site and imported to the new one using the WordPress tools. The first time didn’t finish, I wound up with about 700 of 1300 posts loaded. I used this splitter to create multiple upload files and that worked ok. It looks like the posts and comments are all there. I see a few strange tags associated with posts, but they were strange on the old site too, making me think something went awry in a previous migration and needs a little clean up. Loading the cert for SSL went ok once I found the last password I needed.

I’ll let it run a couple weeks and see what I think.