SSC Editorial: Is the Golden Age of Information Technology Almost Over?

Posted last week, Is the Golden Age of Information Technology Almost Over? generated some interesting comments. It’s tough to write about potential changes without saying the sky is following, but it does make a good opinion piece!

I was discussing it with Steve Jones after it was published and he had a comment I thought was worth writing down, paraphrased “most of us only see it from own perspective, few look at the industry as a whole”.  I think that’s right. It’s certainly practical and human.

Things change based on market forces. I think we forget those forces aren’t interested in expanding our personal income or opportunities, but to solve problems and make money (or spend less). Depending on our skill set the changes could have no impact on us, or a lot. Trying to find the balance between chasing “next” and believing that nothing will change that affects us is an interesting challenge.