Learn About PCI Today

I’ll be presenting PCI for the SQL DBA today at  1 pm EST for the PASS Security Virtual Chapter. Depending on where you live you can take an early, on time, or late lunch to join me for an hour. It’s an interesting topic!

2 thoughts on “Learn About PCI Today

  1. Didn’t know how to otherwise reach you. Just want to say “Thanks” for last night’s Pinellas SQL User Group presentation. I thought you covered topic very well, good level of detail for the group. Turnout was fairly good, and I think most people were paying close attention, and really appreciated it. I know there weren’t many questions, but don’t take that as bad sign. Talked with several people after the meeting, we all agreed it was very well done.


    1. Mike thanks for that! Really nice! Sorry for not putting my email in the deck, will follow up with you on that.


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