Invited to the PASS Summit Blogger Table

Earlier this week I RSVP’d to an invitation to sit again at the bloggers table at the Summit. It was nice to be asked, nice to be included. The “bloggers table” is usually at the back of the room for the keynotes, with a good line of sight and of course two nice things – power and a table. .

Thinking ahead, as always I hope for great keynotes. Keynotes are supposed to be great, or at least exciting. I’ve often felt that the keynotes were trying to convince us that SQL is great. I’m ok with better, stronger, faster, but we already like it. Speak to us, not the 4.25 analysts watching.

I’m also thinking to focus more on networking, as in blogging about networking that I do and see. Not sure what that looks like yet. How to convey the networking feel of the event without just describing my friend/acquaintances as I see them (repeatedly)?

I’ll go to the PASS Board meet and greet of course. It is interesting, though not that well attended. I wish more people attended, but it’s hard to find a good time to have it,and I’m pretty sure it would not make for a good keynote.

I’d like to do a lengthy interview with whoever the incoming President will be,explore their plans, get a real answer on the future of SQLRally in the US, and where they stand on transparency. Tough but fair questions. Will I get that interview? We’ll see! I’d like nothing more than to see a strong vision supported by a plan.

Got ideas for questions? Post them!

I’m also clear that interview aspirations and all, I’m a blogger and not a journalist. No training as the latter and not my focus. I’ll try to be balanced and unbiased, but I probably won’t totally achieve that – just asking about transparency is a bit of bias. Not bad, but there.

Being at the blogger table is fun. We’re a hugely diverse crowd and most of us know or know of each other, and I’m looking forward to being part of that unique group again this year. How do you get there? Write. Write about SQL, write about PASS. Building a following. It’s about numbers a little bit, but it’s about influence too. Do the people that read what you write vote? Attend the Summit? Dream of attending the Summit because of what you write? Everyone gets there in their own way and there is no one formula.