Misc Links for Aug 29,2012

  • Sword fighting. A friend sent me this, debunks the movie view we have of sword fighting. I can’t say I knew all of this, but if you’ve ever held a sword it’s not hard to realize that it’s going to be an ugly business, not quite the bloodless head lopping seen on the Highlander. Still, I do own a katana just in case I’m attacked by mutant turtles.
  • Free security tools from Microsoft. I haven’t tried them yet.
  • Send to Kindle for Chrome. Captures the page and sends to your Kindle. Not dumb, but I haven’t fully adopted it yet either. Do I want to use my Kindle for a reading queue? Or am I just saving things that I found valuable? Both?
  • Profiler event classes 65527,65528,65533,65534. Found this while helping a friend map some profiler events for alerting. Essentially trace admin events. Kudos to Simon Sabin for making it easy to find the answer.
  • Another game as science, Fold.It is about protein folding.

2 thoughts on “Misc Links for Aug 29,2012

  1. Absolutely agree on the sword side. My boys started working on the European longsword about 18 months ago and we didn”t get very far in because we just didn”t have time. But there is so much around footwork, spacing, and minimizing your own sword movement. Katana are much the same way with a small section of the sword being the primary area used in the attack. A lot more to it than the movies show. Perhaps that”s why Star Wars went to light sabers.


  2. I”ve never studied it, always had it on my list to do eventually. Agree its complex, watching someone cut – as opposed to chop – is so elegant its hard to appreciate the effort it takes.


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