Government and Transparency

I ran across this report that talks about the effectiveness of transparency requirements put in place around the Recovery Act (stimulus money). Don’t get caught up in whether you agree or disagree with the stimulus money, that’s a different discussion. My summary of lessons learned: Publishing the data didn’t quite yield an army of people […]

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I Think I Need A Writing Table

I’m writing this Friday evening in Cleveland at the hotel, relaxing after the speaker dinner and getting ready for SQLSaturday Cleveland tomorrow. They have a small table/desk, though calling it a desk is generous – no drawers and not a lot of surface 2 feet by 3 feet. It has a lamp that is useful […]

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Status Reports

I like a good status report. It may contain a few sentences or a page full of data and gauges, but done well it quickly and crisply tells the story of where we’re at on a project or task – the good, the bad, and the ugly! It seems like too often status reports are […]

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Updating to Live Writer 2012

My 2011 version of Live Writer didn’t seem to want to embed a Vimeo video, so I checked for an update and was surprised to see that a new version of Live Writer was released in August. I’ve always been happy with the product, so I decided to upgrade to see what was new. It’s […]

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Travel Plans for PASS-Done!

I’m flying in on Sunday again this year, arriving in time for lunch, and looking forward to the luxury of a slow day at the start of a fast paced week. I’m staying at the Homewood Suites just up the hill from the Convention Center after being at the Sheraton the last few years. Not […]

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