Would You Listen To The Steve & Andy Radio Show?

My friend Steve Jones and I have talked every week for a long time, close to ten years now. On any given week we might talk about work, life, politics, woodworking, family, gardening, SQL Server, professional development, news about friends. Last week we were talking about some other stuff and Steve says to me that we should do a radio show.

My thought: Why not?

Of course, I don’t know anything about radio or podcasting.

Format and content? I’d think it would be 80% of what we talk about now. We’d skip some of the personal stuff, most of the political stuff (maybe?),but we’d talk as much like we do now as we could.

Would anyone listen? Hardly a reason to decide yes or no! Still,you have to wonder, right? So how about telling us via this SurveyMonkey survey, would you listen? Comments here or on the survey with any thoughts would be appreciated too.

4 thoughts on “Would You Listen To The Steve & Andy Radio Show?

  1. I would listen as well, but like Lisa””””s work it””””s blocked. I would also like to know how to set up a radio show on the internet. I think that””””s something worth doing….


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