Speaking at 24 Hours of Pass

24 Hours of PASS (24HOP) has been around a few years now, but this will be my first time participating as a speaker. I decided to do present a topic that would be a good lead-in to the two talks I’ll be doing at the PASS Summit 2012 – one on Professional Development and one on Mentoring (The Mentoring Experiment).  I also wanted to try to pull together some ideas I’ve been thinking about as far as how those two topics intersect, so what I submitted was this:

Mentoring for Professional Development

This session is designed to get you thinking about mentoring as part of your professional development plan, not as a separate “bonus” activity. We”ll discuss planning for time to work with your mentor, engaging your mentor in reviewing and monitoring your professional development plan, and in particular how they can help you decide how much time to spend on various aspects of your development. Then we”ll flip it around and look at the ways that being a mentor can and should be part of your plan and how it will benefit you as well as your mentee. We”ll also discuss some of the challenges you”ll face in finding and working with a mentor/mentee and some potential solutions. By the end of the session you”ll be chomping at the bit to add a mentor to your plan!

I think it’s a good topic and will be a useful presentation to add to my stack for 2012/2013.