I Think I Need A Writing Table

I’m writing this Friday evening in Cleveland at the hotel, relaxing after the speaker dinner and getting ready for SQLSaturday Cleveland tomorrow. They have a small table/desk, though calling it a desk is generous – no drawers and not a lot of surface 2 feet by 3 feet. It has a lamp that is useful and a phone that isn’t and an ok chair (better than a folding metal one at least).

The lamp is good, it’s in a corner of the room but it’s a hotel room, the corner isn’t all that deep. It strikes me after sitting here for an hour that this minimalist configuration is nice, a lot like going to Panera to work. There are times for work that I need space, I need two big monitors (or think I do), but sometimes that feels – like work?

Maybe too much iced tea on a Friday night, but I’ll have to think about setting up a space just for writing. I know from experience that physically changing locations to match the activity is powerful for me.