Microsoft Store vs Apple Store

Yesterday I went to the new Microsoft store at Florida Mall, mostly out of curiosity and something to do at lunch. It’s next door to the Apple Store, which I think is smart – Apple gets a lot of traffic and maybe some of those people decide to look at the Microsoft store for comparison. The stores are similar, if not the same color. Open plan, t-shirted and helpful staff, hardware out where you can try it.

The big difference? Attendance. With no noticeable promotion in progress the Apple store had a lot more people, maybe 3 or 4 times as many. Good buzz at Apple, quiet at MS.

Microsoft has an uphill battle to even that out, but it’s a good battle. Consumers tend to follow consumers, and Apple has built a very successful formula for satisfying – even pleasing – their customers. That is hard to do, hard to replicate. Opening the store is a good start. It does feel a little “me too”, but what is the alternative? Not compete? Not showcase?

Will be interesting to see if the Microsoft stores survive.

One thought on “Microsoft Store vs Apple Store

  1. Interesting to see Microsoft branching out more into retail and also into hardware with the new Surface tablets coming out. I think that model has worked for Apple, but I wonder how these efforts will affect Microsoft”s relationships with their vendors?


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