First Week As The DBA Whitepaper Published

For those that attended the webcast I did last week for Idera the companion whitepaper is now available for download. You can view the recording and/or get the whitepaper by just entering basic contact information.

Also, one of the things I mentioned in the webcast but omitted from the slides was – it’s a great way to blast a bunch of your standard apps onto that new client/employer laptop.

I wrote the whitepaper first, then built the slides from it. Interesting because I did more writing than I normally would for a deck and interesting because it was easy to do the transition – I had 10 main points to cover in the paper and that mapped well to 10 slides.

It was fun to pick a niche topic (most of us don’t have that many first weeks) and try to do something with it. For those that watched the webcast or read the whitepaper I hope you find it useful.

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