The Idera ACE Program, So Far

The Idera ACE program is something I’ve been involved with for over a year now. I’ll share a bit of the back story, and some thoughts on how the idea has grown and morphed since then. Back in late 2010 I had a couple conversations with David Fargo and Heather Sullivan from Idera, they had […]

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Reporting on TechEd

Last week I blogged about attending TechEd 2010 on a press pass, and since then I’ve been trying to come up with a strategy for the event. Here’s what I have so far to write about: Details of local travel. Airport, train/bus/taxi system, costs. Good to have for ‘next’ time. Keynotes. This is usually when […]

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The Adversity Index

Found The Adversity Index while browsing and thought I’d share. It’s interesting to see the economic trends and I’ll let you dig in to see what you think. I was more interesting in thinking about it from a reporting perspective. It’s not enough to capture data, you have to do something with it, and doing […]

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