Apply to Be A 2012 Idera ACE!

The call for applications is open today, a chance for six lucky people to do more in the SQL community for a year. Idera will sponsor your travel to a few events in the US, invite you to do webcasts that often have 1000+ attendees, and work with you to raise your profile in the community. The “application” process doesn’t take much time, just reach out to David Fargo (follow the link above) and let him know you’re interested!

Who should apply? I think I’d start by saying that if you’re interested, apply. Don’t filter yourself out because you think you’re not well known (or too well known), because you’re an MVP (or not), or anything else. The focus is on presenting/speaking, so I’d say you either have to be a speaker now, or be prepared to become one. The goal is to select a very diverse group, you might be the one that fits a niche just right.

Apply if you’re interested, and if you know someone in your local group is ready to grow,send the link to them.