Working with Idera on the ACE Program

Idera announced their ACE Program on Monday, a new effort to do more community outreach in a way a bit different than others have done it so far. Rather than the traditional evangelist/vendor rep model for participating in events, this program will have six members of the community that will be traveling to a lot of events on behalf of Idera.

I’m excited about the program for a couple reasons. One is that for the next year or so I’ll be one of those “Aces” (as close as I’ll get to being King!) and another is that I’m also the consultant working on making the entire program successful. My task is to focus on the team that Idera selects and provide the coaching and training (not all by me) that will help them grow their skills and their brand, and to help shape the larger program in a way that I believe will help Idera develop a stronger brand in the SQL community.

It’s an interesting opportunity for me. It’s a chance to help others in the community grow, a chance to figure out how to make appearances at events more effective (from a sponsor perspective) without doing infomercials, and a chance to spend time focusing on people and networking. It’s true consulting work, and fits with a lot of the work I do, going deeper than just technology, looking at people, process, and metrics. It’s also a project that allows me to continue working with my local clients, keeping the mix of work that is varying and challenging.

For those of you thinking about applying,please do. Two of the team has already been selected,Mitch Bottel and my friend Wes Brown, and we’ll be looking for three more people with speaking experience, good technical skills, and some kind of social presence on the web. As I look at the list of those that have already applied picking three is going to be tough, lots of good choices!