Reporting on TechEd

Last week I blogged about attending TechEd 2010 on a press pass, and since then I’ve been trying to come up with a strategy for the event. Here’s what I have so far to write about:

  • Details of local travel. Airport, train/bus/taxi system, costs. Good to have for ‘next’ time.
  • Keynotes. This is usually when big news is announced, so I’ll be paying attention for things of interest to SQL people.
  • Differences from PASS Summit. Pay attention to logistics, look for ways they encourage networking, when should someone go to Teched vs Summit?
  • Presentations. I’ll probably go beyond just SQL, but I’m going to look for presentations by people I don’t know well, and see if I can do some interviews – get the story behind the presentation, how they practiced, etc.
  • Press people. Curious to see who I can meet and more importantly, what I can learn, so I’ll be trying to read what they write about TechEd and see if any lessons to be learned there
  • Interviews. No idea yet who will be available, so that’s limiting my ability to prepare questions, hopefully more info on that prior to the event. Regardless it will be a chance to leverage some of the interviewing lessons from Law & Order: Criminal Intent!

I’m going to focus on writing, following along on Twitter to see what seems to be hot and current, and maybe do a few photos and video each day. That’s mainly playing to my comfort zone of writing of course!

Other ideas?