Google IQ Test

Friday (Dec 20, 2013) the Google Doodle was a crossword puzzle. I was curious so I clicked and yes, it was a full puzzle. It’s been years since I did a crossword. I did them for many years on Sunday, kind of a family tradition, but stopped somewhere along the way – I think it just required learning more trivia than I cared about. But trivia or no, puzzles invoke my need to solve things so I spent 32 minutes solving this one. I should have been done sooner, but I had two mistakes I had to find to finish it up. I don’t know that I’ll return to doing them every Sunday, but it was fun!

I can’t help thinking about what Google will learn from this exercise, because surely it’s an interesting survey if you just track how long it takes people to complete (and how many do/don’t complete). Nothing like a challenge to get the best results, compared to checking a rating of 1-5 on a survey about whatever!