Advent of Code #2

This one gives you a 1000 rows of package dimensions. You calculate the surface area needed for wrapping paper, plus some ‘slack’ that is the area of the two smallest dimensions. The first part is easy, the second – how do you figure out the two smallest numbers when represented as “4x2x10”? First part was […]

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Advent of Code Contest

I saw the post from Steve Jones about the Advent of Code contest and decided to take a look. The first one is about figuring out which floor Santa is on based on the characters in the string. I don’t know that I’ll do all of them, but it was a nice break from other stuff […]

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Google IQ Test

Friday (Dec 20, 2013) the Google Doodle was a crossword puzzle. I was curious so I clicked and yes, it was a full puzzle. It’s been years since I did a crossword. I did them for many years on Sunday, kind of a family tradition, but stopped somewhere along the way – I think it […]

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Spring Training 2010

Life was busier than I would have liked this year, but made it to one game, Braves vs Tigers, for a nice afternoon in the sun. Nothing like Florida in mid March; 85 degrees, humidity bearable, and nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the day!    

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