Baseball and Scheduling Your Vacation, and a Puzzle?

I saw an article in the newspaper titled How to Visit 30 Ballparks in 35 Days This Summer.  I think it would be an I interesting idea to visit all of them and see some of America in the process, but doing it in 35 days seems less like fun and more like work – that is a lot of travel! I dug around a little and it seems they put a few limits to try to keep it doable, just not sure those limits would work for me.

An interesting data problem though. Thirty locations, 162 games a season, allow for travel time. Allow for a few more options (min/max time between games), starting point, max spend, and with a lot of work you could calculate trips like this and include estimates for airfare, hotels, rental cars, meals, and more. I didn’t see a full downloadable copy of the schedule on the MLB site,maybe just not looking in the right place. Of course,no reason something like this has to be limited to baseball either!