Book Review: Moneyball

With the movie coming out I realized somehow I’d missed reading Moneyball by Michael Lewis. It’s the story of how the Oakland A’s, a team with a very small budget, are able to compete with teams that have the money to get the best players. It’s about statistics which might seem dry, but it’s really […]

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An Artist I’m Not!

One of the gifts my Mom gave my children was a ‘Painting Rocks’ kit. Great marketing, six medium sized rocks, a book suggesting some animal paintings, and six thimbles of paint with a couple brushes! And while it may indeed be great marketing, that didn’t take away any of the fun of covering the dining […]

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Spring Training 2010

Life was busier than I would have liked this year, but made it to one game, Braves vs Tigers, for a nice afternoon in the sun. Nothing like Florida in mid March; 85 degrees, humidity bearable, and nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the day!    

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