Webcast Today: Surviving The First Week As The New DBA

Today at 3 pm EST I’m presenting Surviving The First Week As The New DBA. Some of the topics I’m going to discuss are:

  • About the goals you should set for your first week on a new job as a DBA
  • Why backups & free space are the most important things to take care of first
  • What can (and can’t) wait until after you’re settled in
  • Why your motto has to be “do no harm” – especially during the first week!

I know most of you are comfortably settled in a job or a contract – why would you watch this? I’ll suggest it’s a way to prepare for that next transition now, by thinking about how your last transition worked and what you might do different next time. It’s also a reminder to think about the pressure new hires are under, no matter how experienced they are, and that there are lots of little things we can do to make that first week (and the first month) a little less stressful.

My thanks to Idera for hosting the webcast!

2 thoughts on “Webcast Today: Surviving The First Week As The New DBA

  1. Great presentation Andy. Can I get a list of the tools, etc. that you mentioned on one of the first slides (with chocolatey.org)? And, how will we know when your white paper comes out?

    Thanks again!



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