Culture Posters

I work with a client now that had a poster made of the top 10 values for the IT department. For example, one of them talks about IT being a service organization. The posters are everywhere, the values are good, and the values reflect the values of the leader.

Easy enough to make a poster and put up a pretty list. Some will scoff, but it’s really a bet and a contract. You better believe that the first time the leaders don’t live up to a value they will hear about it. It can easily turn into a Dilbert type joke. On the other hand, if you can live up to your values, it’s powerful to say that – to be willing to post them in every hallway, every office.

It’s not a values poster, it’s a culture poster. It shapes the culture every day. Yes, it can start to blend into the background after a while, but it doesn’t disappear.

What might you put on a culture poster for your team? Values? Attitude? What would you want your next possible hire to see about your team when they were waiting for the interview?

One thought on “Culture Posters

  1. It truly is a fine edged sword when you create it. I think that putting this up also means you hire according to these values as well.

    If you create these, or post them as a leader, you ought to review them every week, or even day, and consider them when you make your decisions. It”s easy to get crossed up and not adhere to your own goals/guidance, especially in crisis or an emotional situation.

    I had a quote that I wrote on every exam at UVA: On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received help on this examination. Writing that over and over meant something to me, and it ensured I took that culture to heart.


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