PASS Update #66 (All Good Things)

Last week I emailed the Board of Directors my resignation effective December 31st of this year, ending my current term one year early. It’s a decision I’ve been thinking about since May and explaining it could well consume several posts – though I’m not sure it would be that interesting!

I’m no less passionate about the possibilities of what PASS can do (and what can be done with PASS) than I was three years ago. At the same time, the effort required to move things forward has tired me and though I’ve tried to rest and reset, I’m at the point where I dread the amount of effort it takes to get more change done.

I have an almost genetic aversion to quitting, probably to the point of absurdity. I’ve wrestled with how to recast my goals and change the game, but just couldn’t find the right combination that would inspire me to continue. The next best thing might have been to drop back into the role of guarding the gains won so far and supporting the efforts of others to make change happen, but that just didn’t align with how I want to participate, or how I expect you would want me to participate.

It was a tough decision to make, one that took many months to arrive at while I continued to push forward on my projects. I spent time with many friends discussing where I was at and how I might change. In the end I knew that it was time to go and while that may bring short term pain to the organization, I hope over the longer term it means PASS will continue to grow with someone rested and with fresh ideas taking my seat next year.

Leaving the Board doesn’t end my involvement with the community, or with PASS. I’ve got a few projects in mind already, and I’ll be looking for places where my skills and experience can make a difference. I’ve got two months left in my term and I intend to make the most of them, putting more time into the long term vision for SQLSaturday and continuing the work to get the Board to transition to a committee model, plus whatever else I can do in the time that remains. Expect a few more updates from me through the end of the year on the work I do.

7 thoughts on “PASS Update #66 (All Good Things)

  1. Thank you for the time and effort you put into the PASS organization Andy. You have done many wonderful things on the Board and brought about lots of change. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for all you”ve done to help build and strengthen the PASS community. You”ve made a tremendous impact and it”s very much appreciated.


  3. Andy, anyone who has ever been involved with a SQL Saturday knows just how much blood sweat and tears you have contributed to the PASS organization. It”s a shame we seem to continually burn out good people. You always provided a different viewpoint and you do a great job of making people think.
    I will look forward to future opportunities to work with you outside of the BoD!


  4. The board is losing a valuable piece, but I”m sure you haven”t made this decision likely. I”m looking forward to hearing about what you”ll be doing next. I”m sure you”ll have something big.


  5. The SQL Community is better for the time you spent on the PASS BOD. Hopefully that is mission accomplished. Thanks for all you”ve done and tried to do.


  6. Hi Andy,

    Thank you for everything you”ve done for the community and for PASS. I will publicly state here what I said to you when we talked about your decision to run for the PASS Board of Directors in the first place: Based upon your successes in the SQL Server Community, you are arguably the best spokesperson for the SQL Server Community. If PASS Leadership will not listen to you, it is not a reflection on your ability; it is a reflection on PASS” ability to adapt, trust their own community, and willingness to change.



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