Play the Bob Ross Game

I was in a meeting a few weeks ago, deadlines looming and everyone feeling the stress some. We hit a couple minute pause and one of the guys in the room (a serious type most of the time) out of nowhere mentions that he finds watching Bob Ross on TV relaxing.


I couldn’t have been more astounded and amused, what a great facet of character to discover! Since then it’s become the inside joke of the ad hoc team I work with, always a way to add a bit of fun to what can be long meetings.

Fun you ask, how? The challenge is to work a Bob Ross quote or reference into the conversation or meeting minutes. Examples:

  • Can you go through our palette of options?
  • Paint us a picture of your deployment plan
  • Bob Ross to provide a hardware quote for the next meeting (amazing how often no one asks who the heck is Bob Ross)

Somehow I think Bob (a native Floridian even!) would have appreciate that he can still inspire with his quiet calm.