Smart As A Bear?

I got this at Hobby Lobby for $7 on sale, it’s about the width of a license plate and a little taller, and I think perfect for the office. There is a lot of humor in that one small sign!  

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Don’t Park Your Vessel Here

I saw this sign recently, which at first glance is unremarkable, but I couldn’t help be amused at the inclusion of “vessels”. I’m in Florida so I suppose someone parking their boat on a trailer in the parking lot isn’t impossible, but somehow that doesn’t seem big enough to really merit being called a vessel […]

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Upscale Bowling

I don’t bowl often, maybe once a year at best. It’s a fun way to spend a couple hours – I imagine many of you have done the same. Regardless of location they all seem about the same. Mostly quiet, not fancy, maybe even utilitarian in most ways. Food. Not great food, but good enough […]

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Gardens and Scarecrows

A few weeks ago I started clearing space for a small garden. Tedious work due to the area of the yard I picked, tons of some ugly vine that took hours to remove. I built four mini raised beds by using some 1×4” fence pickets and a small block of 2×4” at each corner. Not […]

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I’m Not a Bozo!

Something fun for Friday, this was a gift from the client I work with to lighten things up and do some stress relief – punch it and it comes right back up. It sits on a table in the corner when I’m in the room, but I’ve taken to putting it my chair when I’m […]

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