Play the Bob Ross Game

I was in a meeting a few weeks ago, deadlines looming and everyone feeling the stress some. We hit a couple minute pause and one of the guys in the room (a serious type most of the time) out of nowhere mentions that he finds watching Bob Ross on TV relaxing. 8 I couldn’t have […]

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Just Deserts

Here’s another photo from my phone, this one from SQLSaturday Tampa in the cafeteria area. An easy typo to make, after all, they serve sandwiches. The title of the post is just some additional whimsy for you, according to Wikipedia it’s commonly misspelled as ‘just desserts’.

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No April Fools This Year

I’m writing this on Wednesday after realizing – with the same dread as when you realize you’ve missed a deadline at work – that I don’t have an idea ready to publish today. Good April Fools pranks take some thought. Looking back at previous attempts maybe I haven’t reached good yet, but the goal is […]

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New Ideas for SQLSaturday

Jack Corbett and I are trying a few new things at SQLSaturday #49 in Orlando this year (Oct 16, 2010) and I thought I’d share them here. We don’t know if they will work, but it’s fun to try! As I’ve blogged about before, we’re going to have an afternoon popcorn break thanks to one […]

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Changes at OPASS

I’ve been managing oPASS since we re-hydrated it back in early 2007. Seems like a long time ago! We’ve made some progress and the group is stable, just not growing as much as I had hoped. That could be us, could be the region, hard to know. Jack Corbett joined me a while back as […]

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