Don’t Park Your Vessel Here

I saw this sign recently, which at first glance is unremarkable, but I couldn’t help be amused at the inclusion of “vessels”. I’m in Florida so I suppose someone parking their boat on a trailer in the parking lot isn’t impossible, but somehow that doesn’t seem big enough to really merit being called a vessel ( says typically bigger than a rowboat).



2 thoughts on “Don’t Park Your Vessel Here

  1. When I bought my townhouse in 2009 I noticed there wasn’t an abundance of parking for the entire community. While it wasn’t a problem at the time, parking could be limited depending on the vehicular makeup of the residents. And then there was the boat. There was a large boat, likely 30 feet or so, kind of unkempt, but it was taking a spot in the back alley lot. It was parked in such a way that every car coming through the side alley had no choice but to avoid it on a daily basis. We’re a small (19 units) community, I’m not sure who’s it was, as it disappeared before I took over and had to address it. Luckily we haven’t had any vessel problems since.


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