Two of a Kind

Here’s one that I haven’t run into before. A colleague scheduled a meeting with someone else in the organization to work through a problem that keeps coming up and seems to be of those problems where everyone wants someone else to do the work. The other person declined the meeting without a comment, no offer of a better time.

My friend was incensed! To need a different time would have been understandable, but to just say “no, I’m not attending” was just blatant disrespect. How dare he! And so on, as he ranted to me some. I listened, being the good supportive friend, while thinking it seemed out of character for the other person. Being wiser than I used to be I offered no advice, just nodded my head a lot, and figured I’d wait to see how it turned out.

It could have ended badly, but it didn’t. The two wound up in my office at the same time about a different topic and part of that discussion was that person #2 had once again gotten an email not intended for him, it was for another person in the organization with the same name! You could see the light bulb go on for my now not incensed friend as he realized he invited the wrong person!

It could have been avoided if the wrong recipient had just dropped a “I think you mean the other guy with the same name” reply. Perhaps it could be avoided by adding something to the names in the address book to help the user realize there was more than one.

And for what its worth, if you decline a meeting,put in a reason – communicate!

2 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

  1. Communication certainly solves a lot of problems. I might suggest the organizer send another note apologizing for inviting the wrong person, and ask why they didn”t add a note to the decline.


  2. There are three, yes three Wesley Brown”s at Dell. I get IM”s and emails all the time for the other two since I”m the only one listed as Wes Brown in any of the directories. I got one from a concerned co-worker about the health of my mother. When I told them that I wasn”t the Wes they were looking for they actually argued with me. I had to send them a link to my corp profile and assure them that my mother was OK. I then sent the Wes in question a note letting him know just how much the people he works with every day care about him and his family, and hoped his mother will get better soon.

    Fun stuff for sure.


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