Stuff to Read

You might find some of this interesting: Here is the reading list published by the Army Chief of Staff. Note earlier years contain some different material, worth browsing. I’ve always liked org’s that had reading lists (though have to be wary of flavor of the year books). I marked a few from the list to […]

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Logistics For All Day Meetings

Quick thoughts about the work required to make all day meetings run smoothly: Suitable space with enough seating (and reasonable chairs!) Turn down the AC if the room is going to be crowded to help with the heat load Plenty of power strips – few people will make it through the day on laptop battery […]

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A New Stressor

I tend to be amused when I run into something that causes me stress because I like to think – foolishly – that I’ve learned to manage stress and even avoid it by dealing with the underlying source of the stress. Last week I was in a meeting for 3-1/2 days. More workshop than meeting. […]

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Meetings In Glass Houses

If you’ve followed my writing for a while you’ll know I’m a fan of translucency (transparency) in most things business. Right now I’m working next to a meeting room that has glass walls – talk about transparency! It seems like a good idea, it lets in a lot of light and makes it feel more […]

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