Stuff to Read

You might find some of this interesting:

  • Here is the reading list published by the Army Chief of Staff. Note earlier years contain some different material, worth browsing. I’ve always liked org’s that had reading lists (though have to be wary of flavor of the year books). I marked a few from the list to read.
  • Back in the day the US Army had four levels of maintenance, it’s now looking at changing that to two. I found it because I’ve been wanting to use that to support something I want to write (and may still do so), but the reasons for the change are interesting (and it remains to be seen if they work!)
  • Worth reading is this post by Steven Sinofsky on remote engineering/teams/work, and be sure to read the links he references too. Complex topic.
  • How to end a meeting isn’t as cynical as you might think, and is definitely useful