Tentative Meetings

A lot of my work right now involves going to meetings. A few of them are ones I  host, a few are ones that I have to attend, but most of them are led by others and I usually attend only to watch for problems and to have a sense of the progress being made. […]

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Meetings as Battles

I was in a meeting recently that had some quiet tension to it, at least two different sides represented and everyone waiting to see if it would be quietly worked through or would turn into a thing. Out of nowhere as I’m thinking about the situation I thought of the old Battle Chess program and […]

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Two of a Kind

Here’s one that I haven’t run into before. A colleague scheduled a meeting with someone else in the organization to work through a problem that keeps coming up and seems to be of those problems where everyone wants someone else to do the work. The other person declined the meeting without a comment, no offer […]

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