Tentative Meetings

A lot of my work right now involves going to meetings. A few of them are ones I  host, a few are ones that I have to attend, but most of them are led by others and I usually attend only to watch for problems and to have a sense of the progress being made.

Tracking my own meetings is easy, as are the meetings I have committed to attending –  they all show up nicely in the Exchange calendar. What to do with the rest? I thought about asking for a shared view of the various leaders involved, the downside is that it doesn’t make it easy to see/plan my day. The easiest solution has been to have them invite me to the meetings and I’ll click the ‘tentative’ button if I’m not sure I will attend.

Doing it this way lets me see my schedule, and it allows me to double/triple book my calendar slots. I can pick which I want to attend as I see what seems most important on that day. Its common for me to sit in on the first half one of one meeting and the last half of another within the same hour.

Whether it’s a good idea or a hack I haven’t decided, but it’s been a reasonable solution for the past few months.