Culture Shock

The work I’m doing right now has nothing to do with SQL Server, and while it deals with technology, it’s really about people and process and all the stuff that goes with those as I try to get a number of projects driven to completion. I expected to miss the details of technology some and I do, but I wasn’t prepared for how hard it is to transition back and forth. Going to the PASS Summit this year it took me a couple days to get back into that technology mindset, and then when I returned I had to move back to manager/not detail mode. I repeated that again last week when I flew into Vegas for SQLConnections. Its hard to describe, just a jarring sense of ‘where have I been?’ because everyone else has been doing something else.

Maybe that transition gets easier over time. Not sure yet, and since I’ll have a couple month break before the next event it will be a while before I see. As I’m writing this I’m thinking about the comparison to coming back from vacation. Similar feeling, just more intense – on vacation you relax, on these transitions it’s focusing on something else.

If that sounds like I don’t know, it’s true – I don’t!

2 thoughts on “Culture Shock

  1. If it”s the job we talked about, I tried to warn you. 😉 It”s nice to be able to focus in the nitty gritty of technology. Having to step out, for a technologist, isn”t pleasant at all.


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