A Thought on Career Decisions

One of the many conversations I had at the PASS Summit was about whether to pursue Direction A or Direction B. Those kinds of decisions tend to come along because of an opening in the organization or because someone makes you an interesting offer? How do you decide?

Money, benefits, hours, commute – all of those matter, and I’ll trust that you can weigh those out as fits your situation. I find many people don’t want to put much weight on the one question that matters; what do YOU want to do? Picture the job title, the work, which one calls to you, excites you? Assuming you can make the rest of the stuff work, that’s the one you do.

What if it’s the wrong direction? So what. You’re not making a 30 year decision. It’s something you can decide again whenever you want to, certainly within a few years. In the interim you’ll be doing something you want to do and that means you’ll like work and you’ll do well at it.

Follow your passion. Easier to say than do, but worth the effort.