2011 PASS Summit–Report #3

Friday morning keynote. Quick intro from Rick Heiges. Buck Woody and Rob Farley singing, quite the sight for Friday morning. Now a thank you for Wayne Synder, the outgoing Immediate Past President and for Rick Heiges, VP of Marketing, both leaving the Board of Directors this year. Showing the logos of upcoming events. SQLRally Nordic […]

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2011 PASS Summit–Report #2

Starting the keynote on Wednesday, Bill Graziano talking about Kilt Day, quite a few of the bloggers wearing kilts (no, not me). Recognizing Tim Radney and Jack Corbett as outstanding volunteers – good stuff! Lori Edwards is the PASSion Award winner, big applause and well earned. Bill going over financials now, revenue and expenses growly […]

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Microsoft, Do You Respect Me?

I’m writing this while I listen to the keynote at the PASS Summit, thinking about some of the things I’ve seen (and not seen) and thinking about my expectations and whether those expectations are fair. Awesome. Smooth. Dramatic. Educational. Fun. That’s what I want from a keynote. I want to see that you worked for […]

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2011 PASS Summit–Report #1

Wednesday morning. I’m at the blogger table waiting on the opening day keynote. LOTS of people here. Summit attendance is up quite a bit over last year. People still coming in. More touring the blogger table, just invited Dr DeWitt to attend SQLSaturday (I’m pretty sure we could make room on the schedule for him!). […]

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Final Prep for the 2011 Summit

I’m running through my mental (and some written) pre-travel checklist, tickets, clothes, a few odds and ends, trying to be reasonably ready for the the evening flight to Seattle on Saturday. I’m also looking at my schedule and thinking about what I really want to do. I have some PASS commitments, some personal commitments, and […]

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