The Architectural Journal

Somehow had completely missed this one, The Architectural Journal is published quarterly in PDF format. Issue 22 seems to be the latest, and here is what it shows in the table of contents: Foreword Data-Warehouse Principles for Supporting Enterprise-Enabled BI Applications BI-to-LOB Integration: Closing the Cycle Increasing Productivity by Empowering Business Users with Self-Serve BI […]

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DevExpress and a Stumper

Late last year I used the DevExpress controls for a small task after they were recommended by a friend. Very similar to the native ASP.Net controls in Visual Studio 2008, just more powerful and better looking too. I had a grid control on a web page that needed some changes, swapped out for the DE […]

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Comments on the Bamboo Touch

I bought a Bamboo Touch over the holiday break, it’s a multi-touch pad with stylus. Easy install, basically plug in to USB and go. Multi touch was similar to what you would do on an iPhone, lots of options to customize. The stylus was interesting, did pretty well even with my pretty horrible hand writing, […]

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Installing WordPress

Last week I posted about Picking a Blog Platform on some of the process that lead to me moving to WordPress. This time I thought I’d share some notes on the install and customization process so far. This is on a Windows 2003 server running IIS 6. I’m assuming here that if you decide to […]

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