Comments on the Bamboo Touch

I bought a Bamboo Touch over the holiday break, it’s a multi-touch pad with stylus. Easy install, basically plug in to USB and go. Multi touch was similar to what you would do on an iPhone, lots of options to customize. The stylus was interesting, did pretty well even with my pretty horrible hand writing, and the editing after writing was gesture based.

I could see that if you did a lot of drawing or markup this would be a very useful tool. I was interested in two possible uses; one was “editing” documents that I’ve drafted, the other was for my kids to see if it would be an interesting way for them to improve their hand writing. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a try, but had a hard time adapting to using it for editing, just used to doing it with mouse and keyboard. On the kid side, it was interesting, but not compelling, at least at this point.

So, at $100 wasn’t a great fit for me, right now, but in terms of what I saw and what it did, if you need it, the price is reasonable.