Custard Indexes

Not sure how or why this popped into my head (and too late for April Fools!), but it amuses me to think about adding another layer of confusion to the clustered index discussions. Here’s your problem, you don’t have a custard key on that table!

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April Fools 2017

Each year I try to something fun for April 1st, though it’s hard to do well. Trying to be funny without crossing any of the many lines we should respect isn’t the easiest thing. Probably the easy target is self – least likely to complain! Still, sometimes there are general topics that those of you […]

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Time to Rebrand

I became a SQL guy back in 1998 because the company that hired me used SQL Server. It’s been a good ride and it’s paid the bills, but after 15 years or so it’s time to do something different. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Part of it is wanting to run […]

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No April Fools This Year

I’m writing this on Wednesday after realizing – with the same dread as when you realize you’ve missed a deadline at work – that I don’t have an idea ready to publish today. Good April Fools pranks take some thought. Looking back at previous attempts maybe I haven’t reached good yet, but the goal is […]

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