Why I’m Changing to MySQLAndy

From time to time we all have to examine our path and decide if we need to make adjustments. Looking at the market, I found a lot of reasons why now is the right time to switch to mySQL. Here’s the top five:

5. I’m going to have to learn Linux anyway.

4. I can use what all the cool startups use.

3. I’ve always wanted to manage more/smaller databases.

2. I can stop trying to convince developers to do more than CRUD. ORM? Embedded SQL? The force is with you I say!

1. I can still be a member of PASS.

And a bonus one: I don’t have to explain SQL Server licensing and its costs anymore!

Yes, it’s April Fools Day and no, I’m not leaving SQL Server just yet. But hijinks aside, the market is changing, maybe that day really is on the horizon.