April Fools 2017

Each year I try to something fun for April 1st, though it’s hard to do well. Trying to be funny without crossing any of the many lines we should respect isn’t the easiest thing. Probably the easy target is self – least likely to complain! Still, sometimes there are general topics that those of you who stop by here would find amusing. I had three ideas for this year, two of which I’ll list here:

  • SQL Server to Run on OSX. It was a long running joke about SQL on Linux, except the world shifted and now it does. Why not OSX? Chrome? Android? SQL for everybody! Feels too obvious.
  • MS Acquires PASS. Now I suspect this title would get some attention. Think about it. A website makeover, new logos that could mean anything, cuts on non-essential spending, taking “SQL Server” out of the org name – all signs in the corporate world that change is on the way. I decided not to write it for two reasons. One is MS still doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, the other is that its an obvious troll – PASS already follows the MS line, why buy it? Snarky? Sneaky? Yes I’d say so. Impossible? Hmmm.

In this year of “fake news” (and I’m not making a political statement) I hesitated to even post this. Why fuel the fire? I did think about it, but April Fools is fun and it’s a reminder to read the whole damn thing and think about what we’ve read, regardless of the source.