How to Become a SQL Server Database Administrator

I wrote How to Become a SQL Server Database Administrator (email address required for download) a few years ago as a project for Idera, one that I still point people to when they show an interest in the career path. I wish there more of these out there. It would be interesting for anyone thinking about becoming ‘X’ to be able to read more than one take on what the job is like and how to get started. It would be useful to just read “how I became a …” stories. Shorter, more personal, and perhaps something that will map to their environment and offer an idea for how to take the next step.


4 thoughts on “How to Become a SQL Server Database Administrator

  1. I think teaching the “how” in being a Database Administrator at a personal level would be very helpful and brilliant because in this way the people who show interest can be open to your ideas


  2. There are many blogs and such out there (mine included) that have not only entry level technical articles, but beginner DBA career advice. I’m actually training a local teenager to be a DBA in my “Apprentice” program and associated posts. Have you considered aggregating a bunch of “How I became a…” links into one place?


      1. Now I’m thinking about doing it myself…for all different aspects of the database world, DBA, BI, etc.
        –Kevin3NF (aka DallasBikr aka SQL Cyclist aka Hey You!)


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