If SQL Server Runs on Linux What’s Left for April Fools Day and A Journey Journey

It’s still a bit hard to believe that SQL Server will soon run on Linux. If you think back to the early days of SQL 7, 2000, even 2005, who would have bet any money on it ever happening?  It was a topic worthy of an April 1 post back then. Now we’ll have a Linux track at the PASS Summit (and perhaps a virtual chapter called PASS-L, though we already have a passel of virtual chapters)! It does make me wonder if SQL Server on Linux will render Linux “un-cool” so that someone will invent some new platform that doesn’t (yet) support SQL Server. Thinking on that some, Microsoft should just commit to making SQL Server run on every OS and perhaps stop the arms race of competing OS’s.

But, if I were going to write an April 1 post about SQL Server, is the well dry? I think any of these might work:

  • Microsoft sells SQL Server to Dell (who sells it to someone else). Now that its not tied to Windows the SQL dev team could cash in (or out?) – maybe even a spin off IPO!
  • Give us the option to turn off the transaction log, making developers everywhere happier (and dooming most businesses to lose their data eventually)
  • A turbo trace flag that MS only gives to the biggest clients enabling near warp speed. Will the FBI require MS to hand off the trace flag?

April Fools, or just wild predictions? Think hard about the first bullet point above!

I know you’re looking for the gotcha, but I didn’t have any great idea this year so I’ll share a mildly humorous story instead. My almost 12 year old daughter likes music from the 80’s. I’m not sure how that happened, but it means occasionally we can listen to a song we both like and that’s a good thing. It started when I heard her playing a non-Journey version of Don’t Stop Believin’ and suggested she try the original. She liked that, so we searched to what else we could find; Dallas String Quartet – pretty good! One more search brought us to the end of our Journey journey when I found the Red Hot Chilli Pipers (no, not peppers). I’m in awe of the name, but the screeching bagpipes brought an end to that particular bit of bonding with my child (though it remains fun to play it loudly when I pick her up at school).

3 thoughts on “If SQL Server Runs on Linux What’s Left for April Fools Day and A Journey Journey

  1. RHCP is pretty cool, I stumbled across them on YouTube once upon a time, I like them a lot more than the more well known rock RHCPs. If she’s in to ’80s rock, you might check out the Hampton String Quartet’s What If Mozart Wrote Born To Be Wild?

    While I was surprised at MS porting SQL Server to Linux, it makes sense in that the one massive advantage that Oracle and DB2 had over them was multi-platform. And with them running on Linux, and Linux running on IBM mainframes, will that mean that potentially we can have SQL Server on mainframes?


    1. Wayne, we’ll definitely check out HSQ. Mainframe doesn’t seem a stretch, they have a pretty good abstraction layer to run on Linux. Whether it makes sense, I don’t know enough that market to guess!


  2. SQL Server on IBM could be an alternate to expensive CA and middleware products. IBM might see this as a threat and not allow the option because it would make migration off of IBM easier.


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